200+ hours playing TotK and still counting.

I’ve been playing The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom for over 200 hours, and I haven’t finished it yet. So far, this is the most engaging game on Nintendo Switch that I’ve ever played.

There hasn’t been much improvement in the graphics since Breath of the Wild, but other aspects of the game are amazing. I believe there are a significantly larger number of quests compared to BotW. My plan was to proceed with the main quest after completing all the side quests, but it never seems to end. It almost feels like the main game itself already bundled with numerous DLCs.

The map also feels expansive, with the addition of Depths as vast as the main map, and the Sky Islands, which have an exceptionally beautiful appearance. I mapped the Depths and just realized in these past few weeks that Lightroot’s position is always beneath the Shrines. This has allowed me to complete all of the Shrine quests as well.

My favorite part of the game is Link’s abilities from Rauru’s hand. The best part is Fuse, which allows Link to combine a weapon with an item and make it more powerful. Then there’s the Ultrahand, enabling Link to move objects and combine them to create vehicles. And yes, I’ve managed to craft a hoverbike that lets me travel freely around Hyrule.

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