A Game for My Daughter

I started my career as a game developer at a small software house in Bandung. That was before I got married and had a child. Back then, I was proficient in using game development tools like Adobe Flash, Unity, and Phaser for HTML5 games.

Fast forward a few years, and I became a full-stack programmer who dealt more with the technical aspects of services and applications. It’s safe to say that I left my game development days behind and rarely used those tools.

But now, my daughter is growing up and I thought it would be awesome to create a game for her that’s both fun and educational. So, I got to work and made a guess the word game. My daughter had to do was listen to the sounds and read out the options. To make it more exciting, I used assets from kenney.nl and generated sounds from readspeaker.com.

My daughter loved the game but is still learning how to read, so I added a level that only pronounces one letter to make it easier. If you’re curious, you can try the game at membaca.vercel.app, and I’ve even shared the source code on github.com.

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