Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Last August, the band that accompanied me during my college days came to Jakarta. Asian Kung-Fu Generation.

Not many of my friends know about this band, and most of those who know about it learned of them through Naruto. I first learned about AKFG from the internet, and then learned about the anime through the songs they performed.

I like most of their songs, but my favorite one is “After Dark.” Apart from the song itself, the music video for this song is also very touching.

Their performance in Jakarta was simple but very impressive. There weren’t many stage act; they performed their songs one by one, but it actually made me thoroughly enjoy the performance. I just sat back, reminiscing about my college days when I used to listen to them frequently.

I lucked out with the best seat, right in the middle, the sound was crystal clear, the lighting was stunning, and there were no technical issues at all. I hope I can watch them again, whether sitting back and relaxing or standing in Yokohama Arena.

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