Nostalgia with Pascal

Pascal is my first programming language. I started learning it in my first year of senior high school. I remember I wrote a code to print “Hello World” in my first class, then my teacher give me a list of reserved words in Pascal to remember. Since then, I learn a lot about programming language.

Back then, I don’t know what I can be by learning computer programming. There was no software company in the province where I live and the capital city is so far away. So I don’t know if a profession called software engineer exists.

I keep playing around with it because it was cool and I also participated in the National Olympiad of Informatics in my country, so I always practice math and programming every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon in my school. But my dream was to graduate from college and become a teacher, which I regretted later in college when I join a teacher training program in a high school in Bandung.

I created a lot of small programs and games with pascal, but sadly I don’t know about GitHub back then so none of those codes got backed up. This week, when I was feeling nostalgic with Pascal, I decided to create one simple game with it. And here it is, Katla (Wordle clone in Indonesian) written in Pascal

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